Technical Review Committee



Formed by the AEPC Biogas Sub-Component Team, the Independent Observer, the Independent Technical Expert (ITE) and Independent Commercial Expert  (ICE), the Technical Review Committee (TRC) meets periodically to assess batches of projects and decide over their approval or otherwise. AEPC will issue the Letter of Commitment to the Developer once the project has been approved by the TRC. Details of the roles of the different actors can be found here



Technical Review Committee meetings are held regularly on the 10th and 25th of each Nepali month provided that AEPC receives adequate Feasibility Study (FS) and Detailed Desisn Reports within the evaluation period. For a Feasibility Study (FS) or Detailed Design report to be evaluated by a given bi-weekly review, it shall be submitted at least one week prior to the review date, otherwise it will be considered for the following scheduled review. 


Meeting Minutes

The official minutes from Technical Review Committee meetings are regularly made available through the download page.