Screening of Projects

Feasibility Study

Once the online application has been approved by AEPC then a Feasibility Study (FS) will be carried out by a Pre-Qualified Consultant (PQC) selected by the developer. The FS will evaluate the readiness of the project and check the assumptions made by the Developer during the application stage.

The FS will cover the following aspects. Please refer to the “AEPC Feasibility Study Guidelines and Report Format” for full details (available from the downloads page);

  • Technical feasibility
  • Financial and Commercial Feasibility (limited to the Biogas Plant Project)
  • Legal registration requirements (VAT, PAN, Clearance of Taxes, Ownership of land or legally lease, etc)
  • Environmental and Social Screening

The FS shall make a justified assessment on the project, either promoting it to the next stage if feasible, making recommendations that will enable to project to become feasible, or disregarding the project for funding if unfeasible and no viable way to change this status is found. The Environmental and Social Screening is included in the FS needs to be completed by the PQC at this stage for the project to qualify for the next stage. The Screening will be checked and verified by AEPC. Please refer to the “Environmental Management Framework (EMF) and Social Management Framework (SMF)” (available from the downloads page).

Who completes it

The Feasibility Study will be completed by one of the AEPC Pre-Qualified Consultant (PQC) Companies, and the cost will be borne by the Developer. The Developer will select a PQC to carry out the FS from the "List of PQ Consulting and Construction Companies for Large Biogas Plants" (available from the downloads page). An electronic copy and a hard copy of the completed FS shall be submitted to AEPC for review.

Timeline and Review

The Feasibility Study will be reviewed by AEPC and assessed as per the “Feasibility Study Assessment Criteria” included in the “AF, FS and DFS Assessment Criteria”. (available from the downloads page) There are three possible outcomes to the review;

  1. If the findings of the feasibility study conclude that the project is viable after an initial assessment and AEPC agrees with this consideration, AEPC will recommend this project for the next stage.
  2. If the FS concludes that the project needs further work in order to become viable, AEPC will consider this and await re-submission once the recommended actions are completed.
  3. If the FS concludes that the project is unfeasible, AEPC will not consider this project for qualifying to the next phase.

AEPC shall perform reviews twice per month. For a FS to be evaluated by a given bi-weekly review, it shall be submitted at least one week prior to the review date, otherwise it will be considered for the following scheduled review.

If the application is not initially successful, the Developer may reapply through the PQC, who is responsible for producing a report to AEPC’s satisfaction.